What is the EVER technique?

Welcome to the Dream World!

Would you like to dream more meaningfully?

The EVER technique is a method I have developed to access and explore the Dream World, and bring something of it’s beauty, power and wisdom back to our waking life:


There are many ways to ENTER the Dream World, including through free dreaming, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, spiritual journeying or creative visualisation.

Once inside this wild and wonderful place, I like to VOYAGE, finding new places, exploring my personal dream spaces or simply flying up, up, up into the endless sky.

After exploring, it’s time to take control and EXPERIENCE the Dream World on a more sensual level, interacting with other entities, creating new things and places and building parts of the World you can return to again and again.

There should be an interplay between the Dream World and waking life. After all, we live in both of them! If you seek to RECEIVE wisdom, power and inspiration from the Dream World, these can be brought back to enrich your waking hours. These might be in the form of artwork or other creative endeavours, manifestations of what you want to happen in your waking life, or improved general wellbeing. There is no limit and no rules about what is meaningful to you!

On this site you will find exercises, suggestions and insights from the Dream World, delivered through the EVER technique.

I discovered this technique though my own travels through the Dream World. It came to me in initial flashes of inspiration as I wandered, and I have been practising and working with the method ever since.

We are all Dream Voyagers on our own Quest!

Luna Selena X

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