Nature Photography. A strip of stony mud with a huge murky puddle bearing the reflection of a tall, bare-branched tree.

How to Create a Dream Portal

Creating a Dream Portal is a wonderful way to enter the Dream World. It’s a personal, private entrance for you to access your own amazing place that you can use again and again.

Dream Portal Exercise

  • Lie or sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly release it. Repeat a few times
  • Use a relaxation technique such as mindful counting to place yourself in an altered state of consciousness.
  • Imagine you are standing in a place you would like to enter the Dream World from. It could be a real or imagined place. It could be a garden, a city street, a beach, a forest…wherever you want. Just make sure this place is memorable and somewhere you are happy to return to again and again. Look at the details around you and take in the landscape, and the things close to you. If you are in a city, examine the shops and traffic that passes. If you are in a garden, or outdoors, check out the plants, flowers and foliage and see if you can identify them. Feel the texture of the walls, or the trunk of a tree. Breathe the scents in the air, and listen for the sounds you can hear. Remember, this is your place, so it can be exactly as you choose. If it’s a real place, feel free to change any details you wish in any way.
  • Now you can really feel this space around you, have a look for an entrance of some kind. It might be a big, wooden door, or a hole in the ground. It could be an entrance into a shop, or a gap in a tree trunk. It could even be magic shimmering mirror, or a futuristic looking portal. just needs to be something you can pass through.
  • When you have found your entrance, mark it with your seal so you will never forget it, and so that only you can pass through. You might require a password, or particular key that only you possess. You might have to sing a particular song, make a specific set of actions, or maybe this portal is invisible to everyone except for you. Make it personal, and accessible only to yourself, unless you choose to let someone else inside.
  • Go though the portal and explore the Dream World beyond!
  • If you are still awake after your exploration, go back though the Dream Portal (if not, you can do this when you wake up!). Remind yourself that this is yours, belonging only to you, personal, and accessible whenever and wherever you want it.

Happy Dreaming!

Luna Selena X

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