Photograph of Richmond Park. The sun shines between two dead trees, silhouetted against a blue sky above and a lake below.

The EVER Technique: ENTER

There are many ways to ENTER the Dream World, including through free dreaming, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, spiritual journeying or creative visualisation. Each have their own pros and cons.

Free Dreaming is what you do every night when you go to sleep. You allow your mind to form its own dream experiences and navigate the Dream World, without too much interference from you! Your dreams will typically be a mix of the experiences you have in waking life, an outlet for hidden thoughts and feelings and occasionally some other more mysterious elements. These mysterious parts of the Dream World are some of the most exciting to explore. Free Dreaming is a reliable way to enter the Dream World, but you need to make sure you remember your experiences, by keeping a Dream Diary. You can also affect the content of your dreams by using Dream Incubation Techniques to dream about whatever you wish.

Lucid Dreaming is where you are aware you are dreaming. It’s like ‘waking up’ in the middle of a dream! Anyone can learn to Lucid Dream, and it does give you more control when exploring the Dream World than free dreaming. You can literally go and do whatever you want! However sometimes all this creating can be a little distracting, and it can block that wonderful mysterious dream content if you are too focussed on becoming lucid. A great place to start learning to Lucid Dream is… and I also share some of my own favourite Lucid Dream techniques here. There are two main ways to enter a Lucid Dream: by realising you are dreaming whilst you are asleep, or by entering directly from a waking state, keeping your mind alert while your body goes to sleep.

Out-of-Body-Experiences are, I find, the most sensual way to explore the Dream World. With heightened senses, it feels like you are slipping from your body to freely go wherever you want without any physical limits at all. However, the sheer thrill of an Out-of-Body-Experience means I focus a lot on the physical. I’ve often spent the entire experience marvelling over the scent of a single flower, or examining a cobblestone. Achieving an Out-of-Body-Experience is similar to entering a Lucid Dream from a waking state. You need to keep a strong energy flow in your body and keep your mind alert while your body totally relaxes. I share some of my favourite techniques here.

Creative Visualisation is a great way to enter the Dream World with full control and awareness. It works particularly well in conjunction with the above techniques. For example, you might find a magical place in the Dream World while Free Dreaming, and decide to explore it further through Creative Visualisation. Lots of the exercises on this site use Creative Visualisation as a bridge between different ways to enter the Dream World. Why not start by creating your own Dream Portal?

Next… how to Voyage when you have entered the Dream World…

Luna Selena X

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