How to Photograph the Dream World

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take a camera into the Dream World and snap some pictures for our bedroom wall? Or film some of the amazing things we see there and bring the footage back into waking life?

Although this sounds impossible, there is a way to capture some of the sights and senses of the Dream World, thanks to the highly visual world we live in today and the amazing amount of images and art we have access to thanks to digital technologies.

Dream Imaging Exercise

  • Firstly, relax. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and release them slowly.
  • Think of a dream you had recently that you would like to capture in an image or images. If you want, have a look through your dream diary for inspiration. It’s easier to pick a very visual dream, with striking Dream World imagery, but there are no rules.
  • Really put yourself back in the dream. You may want to create a Dream Portal to re-enter the Dream World, or simply let your imagination do the work.
  • What does the dream landscape look like? What are the colours and shapes? What sort of sounds can you hear? What smells are in the air?
  • Most of all, how does this dream landscape make you feel? Really analyse that feeling and try to let it remain in you. Do you feel a kind of magic building inside? An insatiable curiosity? Is there a sense of unease and excitement? Romance? Calm and tranquility? There is no right or wrong answer. The dream is yours.
  • Now open your eyes and feel yourself back in ordinary reality, but keep the look, and most of all the feeling of the dream still within you.
  • It’s time to look for images! There are many options here…
    • Look through books of famous artworks in your local library.
    • Grab your camera and head to a interesting spot: a place of natural beauty, a bustling urban centre, abandoned buildings… whatever brings the dream to mind and feels like the right place. All the photos on this website (except for a very few credited otherwise in the caption) are pictures I have taken that remind me of places in the Dream World. Just looking at them is enough to take me right there!
    • You could simply look online, putting various words that link to your dream into a search engine and seeing what artwork and photographs appear
  • What you are looking for are images that bring the feeling and quality of your dream back to you, rather than a direct copy of the dream landscape. Paying attention to any copyright laws, save or print any images that feel right. (Most images are OK to be copied for solely personal use, but do check. If you are going to create anything for public display, such as an artwork, you will need to check licences and make sure you do not infringe any copyrights.)
  • Finally, create! You may want to…
    • Make a digital mood board or collage for each dream.
    • Print images and make a scrapbook or collage
    • Make a piece of artwork. This could be anything. Let you imagination fly!
    • Compile a ‘photo album’ or ‘picture gallery’ of dreams
    • Post images into your dream diary
    • Get some modelling clay and sculpt a Dream Garden
    • Do anything at all – let whatever inspires you guide you!

Happy Dreaming!

Luna Selena X

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