Dream Voyager I: A Welcome

I stretch out my hand to greet you. Take it if you wish, or if you would prefer to stand alone for now, you still have my glad welcome. We are one, as all things are one. The same divine energy glows in us both, and all.

You look at the figure before you. I wear a grey cloak with a hood pulled well down over my face. Although I have been long on the road, my shoes are light and my linen clothes are not travel stained. I have carried burdens, and like everyone bear some still, but the journeys I make are rich in life and power. I smile, and any fear or anticipation you felt is immediately lessened.

            “Breathe,” I say, and pull the hood back just a little so you can see my eyes and then my face. My eyes are brown, the colour of damp earth and autumn leaves.

            Together, we take a slow, deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, then release it calmly and steadily. Immediately you feel a sense of relaxation and well-being washes over you. We are in a beautiful place, green meadow almost as far as the eye can see, with a cloudless blue sky stretching overhead. The sun is brilliant, but does not dazzle or make us close our eyes. Instead, we continue to breathe, in harmony, relaxing more with every exhale. In the distance, very far away, you notice the bare edge of what must be a deep, dark forest, and when you turn your head, you think you see the glint of silvery water but you are not quite sure. Soon, however, as you continue to focus on your breath, you lose awareness of the glorious landscape around you. You whole world is encompassed in the breathing in, brief pause, and breathing out, for a long and lovely time.

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